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OnPlace Set to Decentralize the “Over-the-Counter” Investment Industry with their PATS Protocol

OnPlace seeks to create a decentralized investor community, accessible to anyone.

OnPlace are set to launch their TGE next month providing customers with an easy way to invest into a number of

companies from IT-related industries using business standards and cryptocurrency expertise.

OnPlace is a team of developers looking to create a decentralized investor community for customers to join allowing

for closed Over-the-counter (OCT) assets to be introduced to the market turnover and to create liquidity for them

as well. OTC investments can be a complicated process in itself, nevermind knowing which industry to focus on.

OnPlace will create opportunities for investing into funds of the fastest growing tech companies around the world

with low entry thresholds for the average person to access.

OnPlace is aiming to provide all the tools necessary for customers to trade assets at their own will and freedom

without the unnecessary red tape that is usually accompanied by OTC investments. The transformation of shares

into tokenized smart contracts will be secure and guarantee customers shareholder rights.

OnPlace has an expertise in the investment of the private IT industry.

“We can say with absolute certainty that investment into private IT companies has become one of the most reliable

ways to get a high return percentage on investments in a relatively short period of time. “

This team, headed by experts in the cryptocurrency domain alongside the investment industry want to provide

customers with a secure and accessible service which allows them to invest into successful companies through their

tokenization protocol called PATS. The company would like to focus primarily on the private IT industry which is

growing and incredibly significant industry in today’s market.

The PATS Protocol

The concept of the Private Assets Tokenization System (PATS) protocol is to tokenize over-the-counter  (OTC)

assets for customers to invest into. The protocol entails multiple steps firstly establishing a marketplace opportunity

window (MOW), following the MOW there is a selection of projects to be tokenized based on the criteria and

communal discussions of crypto-investors.

The next step is the tokenization of various projects that were eligible under the PATS protocol leading to the

circulation of the established PATS tokens. Lastly the tokens are supported during their life cycle which ensures a

complete decentralized control of the tokens under the control of the token holder community.

The commercial infrastructure for varying classes of assets and properties involves numerous complex components

which can be time consuming and hard to navigate through. The primary challenge for the OnPlace team’s

development of the protocol tokenization of investments into the shares of successful private companies was to

create a universal and scalable instrument. OnPlace wants to  provide a transparent and safe solution in the OTC

investment field.

The use of the PATS protocol solves the issues around the OTC investment field by securing and standardizing a

channel of account management based on smart contracts. Furthermore the decentralization of audit and

participants’ decision-making and through the integration of management principles directly into the asset itself

will open potential access for everyday people of the world to purchase OTC assets which is often a daunting


Investing in private company shares can have a minimum investment fee of up to $10,000 whereas the PATS

protocol allows for a minimum of $1 allowing users much more flexibility in investing funds. The transactions fees

will be considerably lower than rates that can be as high as 5% whereas OnPlace will charge rates of 0.05-0.2%

saving money for customers to invest with more capitol.

Access to information is a huge issue for everyday citizens so OnPlace want to provide all the financial information

possible to help customers on their path to investment. The exiting process and liquidity of an asset can prove

long and troublesome which OnPlace guarantees will be easy and efficient for customers to process. These

features will help relieve customers of the usually difficult experience of investing in private company shares

transforming investing as we know it.

OnPlace’s Roadmap and TGE

Following its creation in 2016 OnPlace has opened up an office in Moscow where only a few months later had

successfully registered in the US and opened a corporate bank account with a self-funding of $200,000. By the

following year after establishing a team that developed an alpha version of their Ethereum Blockchain Contracts

launching a closed alpha for early investors. This allowed the company to attract over $1,000,000 with their first

wave of investors from a crowdfunding platform.

This success led to an office expansion on US and Hong Kong. The company is not done yet however, in 2018

they aim to open a TGE and by August of this year putting their coins into circulation. By January of 2019 the

fully featured service is predicted to launch decentralizing the investment industry which is a truly fascinating

phenomena to be part of.

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