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Bonpay team is a group of experienced professionals and crypto enthusiasts whose ultimate goal is to

promote the use of cryptocurrency, make it simple, fast and secure. Analyzing the situation on the

market we made a conclusion that long transaction and confirmation time, as well as high exchange

costs and overall complexity of the processes on the market make it harder to use blockchain assets

for businesses and individuals.

Bonpay Wallet is a state-of-the art, easy and convenient service, available from any device with

fully-functioning web-version. Each user will be able to download Bonpay App for free in both Android

and iOS versions in 2018. By registering an account a user automatically creates a Bonpay multi-currency

wallet and a private key which will at first be securely stored in a hot and cold storage to safeguard your

funds. After creation the wallet can be instantly loaded with cryptocurrency.

Bonpay Crypto Card is the latest technology implementation which makes the crypto currencies

withdrawal available for anyone. Such features, as enhanced security and simplicity of usage make it


With Bonpay Сards our clients can make online and offline purchases with any blockchain assets of their

choice and make transfers safely and instantly to any corner of the world. With the implementation of

DLN Bonpay users will be able to manage their payments and transfers, and convert more cryptocurrencies

to each other and fiat as easy and fast as to send a message. DLN will give you freedom to choose which

asset and how much you want to spend, and will only take a few moments.

Bonpay Initial Token Sale in details:

The initial offer will compose 51% of all BON tokens issued for Initial Token Sale by Bonpay under the

symbol BON. The rate of the token for sale will be equal 1/500 ETH, in other words for 1 ETH you will gain

500 BON tokens. Cryptocurrencies other than ETH will be converted to ETH. Further 34% of all tokens

created remaining at Bonpay will include the expenses for business development that in its turn entails

ensuring the smooth operation of a live product, enhancing product’s advantages on the market, constant

market monitoring, creating new opportunities of the product for users, team skills development and

expanding of audience coverage. The other 15% of BON tokens are intended to the Bonpay team, early

investors and advisors. These tokens will ensure the BON tokens value and interest in its increase. See the

further tokens distribution below.

The minimum amount of tokens allowed per purchase is 10 BON. The fixed limit of the Initial Token Sale

composes 200 000 ETH, which will ensure the 51% of tokens created for the public.

Bonpay is going to reward its users. BON token holders will receive an incentive of 0.65% from each

payment made by Bonpay Сard owners. Accumulative amount of fees from these transactions will

determine reward pool. Bonpay’s goal is to distribute this reward regularly in ETH (or in BON tokens on

client’s request) every six months and subsequently, every month. All Bonpay Сard users will receive

0.15% cashback in a form of BON tokens, so they can become token holders and receive additional

benefits. The reward will be paid every month from each payment the user makes with Bonpay Сard.

These BON tokens, allocated to users’ rewards, will be bought on open market which will consequently

have positive impact on token price.

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