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LevelNet projects a impressive growth rate of its user base beginning in Q4 2018. We forecast 40M

members by Q4 2019, 85M by Q4 2020 and approximately 110M by Q4 2021. 
We project the company’s revenues to reach $220 MLN by 2022, generating $80 MLN in free cashflow.
EBITDA will reach $120 MLN in 2022. LevelNet’s user of system virtualization and peer-to-peer network 

technology will ideally keep capital expenditures within $1 MLN annually.

Unlike many internet companies, LevelNet projects to generate significant profits for shareholders in relatively 

short time. For this reason, LevelNet is valuing the company using a traditional DCF (discounted cash flow) 

model. This yields a valuation of between $583 MLN and $1268 MLN.

LevelNet is currently seeking to raise between $1.5 to approx. $12 MLN to finance the launch of the LevelNet 

Network. Investors and participant in the initial token offering (phase 2) may reach an ownership level of up to 

40% in LevelNet. With funding of $7.2 MLN, that would value the entire company at $18 MLN.
If a $1 billion valuation is reached, investors stand to earn a return of 2062% over 4-5 years, equivalent to a 

CAGR of 84.9%.

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