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Bazista is the first B2C and C2C trading platform empowering nowdays E-Commerce industry with digital assets.
Bazista aiming to create an infrastructure for Bitcoin and blockchain driven community as commodity exchange
was always a mainstream driver of growing economy instead of spiculative and hype investment as Bitcoin was
initially created as a method of payment. Cryptocurrencies accepted on Bazista will bring high transparency of
transactions and reduce financial and time costs. Intelligent users rating will help to find reliable deals and
partners around the globe. Platform features will make sure that deal commitments are fulfilled and all deliveries
are tracked properly but at the same time Bazista will ensure that restricted goods and services will not appear
on the market.

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ICO Round:Pre-Sale
ICO start time:2017-November-16 00:00:00 UTC
ICO end time: 2017-November-21 23:59:59 UTC

ICO start time:2017-December-1 00:00:00 UTC
ICO end time: 2017-December-25 23:59:59 UTC

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  • rutrening12@gmail.com2017-10-27

    Very nice, somebody is trying to create a digital economy.


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