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ILCoin Token(ILCT)


Pre:2017.10.15~2017.11.15 ICO:2017.11.15~2017.12.15

ILCOIN is a high-quality cryptocurrency developed by R&G GmbH. It is mined usin SHA-256 Proof-of-
Work (POW) technology (identical to that of Bitcoin). The ambition of ILCOIN is to evolve and become
the foundation of a new, global digital currency-based economic system. Members of this system may
earn, accumulate, spend and trade ILCoins for the benefi t of themselves and the entire community.

  • We will be the fi rst Cryptocurrency SHA-256 Proof-of-Work to develop Smart Contracts
  • High level of security in our web features; front end and back end.
  • You can pay with ILCOIN to many types of merchants
  • ILCOIN is not a promise, it´s a reality. Our coin is already in two exchange sites and has an
  • established value in the market. ILCOIN is in constant growth.
  • When you invest 100 EUR or more, a bonus is applied to your account.
  • Purchasers who spent the equivalent to -,or more than 1000 EUR in Token sales shall receiveup to 50% of the sales profi t from our Smart Contracts System operation for up to 3 Years.

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