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DropDeck scores and ranks fundraising companies using an AI engine based all sources of data. 

By issuing tokens and deploying smart contracts, we can perfect an "incentive ecosystem" that

unleash the full power of AI-human collaboration (which is the holy grail in the AI field), where

everyone in the system is financially incentivized by the coded rules to not only contribute data to

make the AI engine smarter over time, but also to collaborate in the best interests of everyone else,

so that 1) all fundraising companies are as accurately scored and ranked as possible so that funders

can put their money to optimal use, and 2) all participants in the funding value chain are financially

incentivized to make sure funders get rewarded, so that the funders can keep funding and attracting

more funders.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects:

DropDeck provides a superior, less costly and less distracting funding alternative than a token sale for

the majority of fundraising startups & SMEs that are not suitable to issue token nor run a token sale

campaign. Unlike other competing projects, we have a transparent and thorough scoring/ranking system to

save time and minimize risks for funders. Unlike TheDAO, our token is not security. Unlike DASH, we

reward funders so that they can keep funding and attract more funders to join the funding ecosystem.

Unlike KickICO, DropDeck doesn't not leave the hassle of claiming real-life benefits from funded

companies to funders, but carefully design and incentivize different roles in our value chain to do most

real-life work for funders.

Country of origin - Singapore

Website link -

Cost per token: 1 DDD = $0.05 USD (1 ETH = 6,000 DDD) at 0% discount

What currencies do you accept: ETH and BTC

Minimum raise for token distribution: 29,999 ETH

Maximum or hard cap: 99,999 ETH

Number of tokens for distribution: 1,600,000,000 DDD (at max)

Total number of tokens: 3,800,000,000 DDD (Unsold/Unappropriated tokens are burned after allocation)

Team member names:

Vo Viet Anh- CEO, Cofounder

Michael Phan- CTO, Cofounder

George Popescu- Chief Advisor


Anik Dang- Advisor

Robert Allen- Fintech and Blockchain advisor

Nagu Thogiti- A.I. & Blockchain advisor

Ketki Sen- Fintech advisor

Hoang Nguyen- Tokensale and blockchain advisor

GheeHoe Cheng- Vwnture Capital Advisor

Patrick Mansfield-Advisor

Token sale start date and time(UTC) - November 21th, 2017 13:00 Greenwich time

Token sale end date and time (UTC) - December 21th, 2017, or 7 days after the soft cap is reached,

or when the hard cap is reached.

ICO price of token: The tokens will be sold at a discount to early buyers at a sliding rate,

starting at 15,000 DDD: 1 ETH (60% discount, during the Power Hour - first hour of the sale). The

discount rate decreases to 50% after the Power Hour, and then decreases by 2% after every 24 hours

until it reaches 0% and the price reaches 6,000 DDD: 1 ETH on day 25 (1 DDD = $0.05).

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Company structure (profit / non profit) - profit

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