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Global Crypto Bank(BANK)



Global Crypto Bank

Bank of the future combining convenience of plastic cards and independence of blockchain for 2 billion 

Global Crypto Bank is founded under the jurisdiction of Switzerland – the state most loyal to private capital and 

solving problems with it, as well to cryptocurrencies.
We are a modern and innovative financial company working on the basis of blockchain technology to solve the 

problems of our customers in the financial crypto-world.
Global Crypto Bank is committed to help customers:
• Safely store cryptocurrency, as well as conventional currencies – euro, dollars, yen, yuan, etc., for their further 

• Link a crypto-account to MasterCard and Visa payment systems.
• Conduct all common operations such as payment, transfer, etc., using popular tools (mobile phone, home 

computer, payments in stores, cafes, and restaurants).
• Withdraw cash around the world.
• Exchange cryptocurrency for the currency of different countries of the world.
Our payment system will allow using cryptocurrency as a means of payment in places where previously it was possible 

to use only conventional currencies. Simply put, using our payment cards and a mobile app, you will be able to spend 

cryptocurrency around the world. 

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