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Lendoit is a decentralized P2P Lending platform, which connects borrowers and lenders from all over the

world using the advantages of Smart Contracts and the Blockchain technology. The platform provides all

elements lending markets need to function, namely: Professional scoring and verification APIs for each

country, a loan marketplace, where lenders bid interest rates on loan applications and a default market

where failed loans can be traded. The LENDOIT smart loan contract furthermore offers important functions

like syndicated loans and the ability to sell a loan to another lender if needed.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects

Many projects are trying to create P2P lending platforms on the blockchain, and it is probably a good hint on

where the market is going. But, unlike the others, Lendoit does NOT take tokens as collaterals (which is like

lending USD by using EUR as collateral). Instead, we combine 4 different efficient methods to mitigate the

chances of our lenders to lose their money: 1. 3rd party professional scoring/verification local companies 2.

Smart compensation fund 3. default debt can be sold on a collectors market 4. syndicated loans.

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