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Mobile Money Remittance System by Bank4YOU Group(BFY)


Mobile Money Remittance System (MMRS) is an innovative electronic payment system based on Ethereum

Blockchain, which enables the safe execution of cross-border mobile money transfer between countries with

the possibility to withdraw funds in local currency using products of the local mobile operator such as mobile

money and mobile airtime.

Bank4YOU Group appreciates mobile money remittances should be fast, convenient, and safe. It has therefore

created a unique and discreet private blockchain system with an inner currency Mobile Money Remittance

(MMR)Token, which operates transactions between clients and settles deals between partners in individual


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  • DjonSena2018-04-08

    So these are the guys, I bought myself a couple of hundred bucks tokens verifier. Now I'm waiting for the release on the stock exchange, they say everything will be super, but who knows how it will be, because he has not yet entered the stock exchange. And so I wish you good luck.

  • openbtc.io2018-03-22

    We would like to list you - not available in USA

  • nguyenhoanghuuduy2018-02-02



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