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Delphi Systems(PHI)

The Oracle Problem

Though smart contracts have incredible potential, they are blind to the world beyond the blockchain. For 

external information, these applications need oracles to provide them with data. Since a contract's input 

determines its result, the oracle involved with a smart contract ultimately has the power to decide how 

that contract behaves.

Where Things Stand

So far, the approaches to the so-called Oracle Problem have each fallen into one of two categories: 

centralized oracles (which can defeat the purpose of even doing things with a smart contract at all) and 

rigid oracular consensus engines, which are difficult (and expensive) to develop, use, and upgrade.

Our Vision

We are taking a different approach: rather than committing to one particular solution, we're focusing on 

building extensible distributed frameworks and full-fledged signaling mechanisms. With these tools, we aim 

to build a worldwide oracle marketplace and ecosystem, and unlock the true power of the blockchain.

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