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ConnectJob Announces ICO for Social Jobbing Marketplace

Following the conclusion of a successful, three-month long test launch in Eastern European, ConnectJob has

announced its ICO to disrupt the multi-billion dollar social jobbing market. ConnectJob is set to position itself

as the leading decentralized service marketplace platform for the "Uber economy". This economy represents

well over $900 billion annual and is expected to double by 2025. The platform will also be targeting the $100

Billion "Freelance" and "Micro-jobbing" sub-market.

The labour market has evolved in recent times, allowing participants to offer their services on-the-go and on

demand, anywhere and anytime. Often referred to as the gig economy, short-term contracts and freelance

work is rapidly becoming the goto market for companies and organizations due to flexibility and ability to find

the right candidate for a job from anywhere in the world.

Leveraging smart contracts and blockchain technology, ConnectJob is a universal platform offering innovative

new ways for providing services. The peer-to-peer platform enable users to connect directly to a multitude

of services based on geolocation. By connecting users looking for services and jobbers offering such services,

ConnectJob allows users to exchange value directly without relying on third party intermediaries in a single click.

Blockchain technology facilities uniquely new ways of securing payments, as well as validating users and Jobbers’

profiles and simplifying market entry. The technology also allows Jobbers to certify their ConnectJob reputation.

Jobbers will be able to use their hard-earned reputation on the platform as a proof-of-reliability on other

platforms without having to build their reputation from the ground up. Privacy concerns is of the highest priority

on the platform. To this end, ConnectJob will never register any personal information on the blockchain and will

ensure that the link between Jobber’s profiles and their public key on the blockchain is secured from third parties

using state-of-the-art proxy accounts and cryptographic techniques.

Applicants will be able to review Jobber profiles and select the most suitable Jobber for their task based

geolocational data. ConnectJob geolocational system lets users track the jobber during their commute to the job

site, enabling direct monitoring and communication at all times. Users can also review Jobbers and leave

comments on the ConnectJob’s app.

Geolocation is the heart of the ConnectJob system, providing users with services within their immediate localities

and are readily available for transaction using the platform’s CJT (ConnectJob Tokens) or in fiat (€,$). These

services includes; coaching, gardening, baby-sitting, cleaning, driving, etc. Services are billed at an hourly rate

using “Uber-like meter” based on predetermined terms for each “job”.

ConnectJob services are scheduled to roll out in major cities in Europe, Asia and America in 2018 and has initiated

an Initial Coin Offering to allow participants to get in early. The ICO allows investors to obtain CJT units in

exchange for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether or conventional currencies.

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