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Lamden’s TAU token facilitates interoperability and value exchange between established cryptocurrencies 

and blockchain applications made with the Lamden developer suite.

While chain-to-chain swaps have been described in theory, they have not been made into an easy to use 

interface that allows people without vast cryptocurrency knowledge to take advantage of them in their 

own use cases.

Lamden’s developer suite is designed to streamline the production of enterprise grade software and 

commercialize the concepts found in the blockchain space.

Our tools allow rapid development and deployment of custom blockchain systems that mimic the modern 

development process featured in such tech stacks as Node.js or Python which provide a plethora of easy 

to use tools, extensive and robust documentation, and vastly popular support communities.

Our suite consists of 3 products: a project automation tool (Saffron), package manager (Flora), and an 

atomic swap execution protocol (Clove). 

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects

Main chains have many problems that are preventing the mass commercialization. Some of them are the 

waste of energy and resources in proof of work, the cost to store data on the main chain, and the lack 

of interoperability in between chains.

Furthermore, after discussions with several Fortune 500 companies, we discovered that most companies 

do not feel comfortable sharing their proprietary data on the blockchain, but rather are moving towards 

consortium chains where they only disclose data when needed.

While companies struggle to use complicated technologies such as Hyperledger, which requires expert 

networking and blockchain knowledge prior to using it, we have decided to hone in on these problems, 

and create a suite of tools that streamlines the development workflow from proof-of-concept to enterprise 

application so that the rate of adoption of blockchain can increase industry-wide.

Our interoperability token ties all main chain cryptos and blockchain apps that opt in to each other on a high 

throughput blockchain that gets up to 100,000 transactions per second. Bitcoin gets 3 - 5 and Ethereum 

gets 15. This directly solves the scalability issue ailing the main chains today and creates the infrastructure to 

the scaling network of blockchains that will exist in the future.

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