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Smart contracts can operate like financial institutions. However, there are some conceptual problems that

hinder their wider usage; with the help of MyWish platforms, most of those problems can be resolved.

A smart contract is restricted to an external initiation.

We created Joule, a decentralized system, which guarantees initiation of contracts during the entire period

of their validity. The contract continues to work even if the platform is not responding.

Creating smart contracts is a very expensive process.

MyWish generates thousands of contracts, and due to the reuse of their common parts, the deployment of

our Smart contracts are 3x cheaper in average.

Technical complexity in creating Smart contracts & high risks of security vulnerabilities

MyWish ( is a mobile application and a website with a user-friendly interface where

everyone can create a Smart contract and manage it. All contract’s templates have been tested & reviewed

by team of professional developers.

Smart contracts support only Ethereum.
MyWish allows managing assets in other currencies, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.
A number of ready-made contracts has been already available in our platform. They solve the following tasks:

Transfer of funds between accounts in case the wallet owner doesn’t use it within a month (it’s convenient

for those who lost access to the wallet).

The system provides consolidation of savings in case of marriage and proportional redistribution of joint savings

in case of divorce (an analogue of a marriage contract).

Guarantee of a stable monthly transfer of funds. One example are fees for children’s education. The platform

also allows for deferred transfers as a gift on important dates.

Our platform has an open interface for 3rd party developers: everyone can send a contract and after a

security audit, It will be listed on the platform.

The Platform Tokens (WISH) are used for the creation of contracts and for external calls motivation during the

whole contract’s life (Joule system). Thus, amount of tokens in the market will gradually decrease after

deployments of new smart contracts. And rate increases due to tokens accumulation on the platform.

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