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ZANGLL is the first decentralized P2P-platform in the market of short-term vacation rentals that will only charge

the transaction fee of 0,45%. ZANGLL will also offer a variety of other benefits: instant payments all over the

world, use of smartcontracts, free property listing, honest ratings (inability to change or fabricate ratings),

transparent system and the possibility of E-locks. All this will make ZANGLL the future No. 1 brand in the

short-term rentals market.

Dear friends!


The ZANGLL team has decided to push back the start date of the ICO. This decision was made for 2 reasons:

1                   We have growing interests of institutional investors into the ZANGLL project

2                   This additional time will allow us to focus on our platform (we are concentrating on upgrading 

our platform to the alpha version).


The exact date and time of the ICO will be announced shortly.


All funds received during the Pre-order will be returned, sent back to investors' wallets within next 24 hours.

You can follow the progress of ZANGLL through our community channels and weekly Medium updates 



Stay with us!


You can ask you questions:

1                   24/7 chats on site

2                   Telegram-chat

3                   Facebook

4                   And my personal e-mail




Maksim Mishchenko





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