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EthLend is a fully decentralized P2P lending platform that’s build on top of the Ethereum blockchain. You can

use any Etherum token to fund loans or as collateral.

We are creating a lending market where any lender from anywhere can loan Ethereum-native token Ether

(or any other ERC-20 token) to any borrower. ETHLend provides the possibility to lending between people

that do not know each other. Until our innovation, crypto-lending did not have a function since there was

no guarantee for repayment when sending Ether (or any other crypto-currency) to the untrusted borrower.

The aim of ETHLend is to provide transparent and global lending market to erase the interest rate

differences between regions.

ETHLend is currently running a stable release on Ethereum Blockchain Network, which is assessable at with MetaMask Google Chrome Plugin.

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