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LOANCOIN is an innovative project that combined traditional lending banking system and modern Cryptocurrency

technology. Our team has studied the problems of interaction between the fiat money and virtual currencies.

There is an invisible wall between them at first glance, which cannot be overcome.

Cryptocurrencies - Bitcoin are increasingly attracting attention due to their rapid growth and stability. But a person

often needs fiat money that is more convenient for settlements.

Selling virtual currency used to be the only affordable solution when there was a need for fiat money. This led to

a loss of possible revenue from further appreciation of cryptocurrency and additional costs : financial, associated

with fees on exchanges, and temporal - from the moment of crypto-asset sale to the actual receipt of fiat money.

LOAN COIN offers a different approach : our users will be able to receive bitcoin, The system will select the most

suitable option for the lending of borrower.

We are convinced that time is the greatest value in the modern world. This is why the LOAN COIN system well

be fully automated. Loans will be issued without verification of the borrower's solvency, without processing

applications by the lending center and other formalities peculiar to the traditional banking system. The user will

receive Bitcoinalmost instantly.

We preferred the ICO investment to a traditional venture system in our project implementation. Firstly, it will

allow anyone who feels like it to become an investor and profit from the tokens appreciation in the future of

pay the fees to the platform in them. Secondly, it will accelerate the funding process and the launch of LOAN

COIN, and thirdly, The ICO is a transparent, modern method of investment raising.

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