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In a world first the decentralized platform allows crypto holders and traditional car enthusiasts to

own and trade in exotic super cars in small fractions, with a new BITCAR token. The ownership of rare

and exotic collector cars has been limited to the very wealthy until now. Historically the value of collector

cars has outstripped property prices and gold, according to the Hagerty Classic Car Market Index and Frank

Knight Luxury Index. As a BitCar owner you park your crypto in your Exotic of choice using a second order

token, representing individual Exotic cars. Second order tokens are decentralized and exist as their own

Ethereum ERC20 contract and interfaced to the Master contract, securely linking ownership and tradability

together on the Blockchain. Imagine being part-owner of a Ferrari F40, Maserati MC12 or Bugatti Veyron

just to name a few. With only 500 Million BITCAR tokens minted, no more can ever be created. In the

Token Generation Event only 250 Million will be made available for sale.

BitCar is the peer-to-peer trading platform and users require BITCAR tokens to acquire fractional ownership

of an Exotic. BITCAR tokens allow users to acquire, licence and trade Exotics on the platform. BITCAR

tokens will be used over the course of the acquisition of the Exotic for storage, insurance, licensing and

maintenance as part of joint ownership. Fractional ownership of Exotics is for a flexible 5 to 15-year term.

Owners may top up their BITCAR tokens to extent their term or exit and sell their ownership in the Exotic.

BITCAR tokens allow for diverse portfolio holdings. Owners can attain part ownership in each Exotic of

interest and acquire new Exotics as they become available on the BitCar platform. Owners receive an

immutable digital asset Blockchain ledger record confirming their title, independently verifying their interests

on a public Blockchain that will be used. A network of Agents will manage the onboarding of new Exotics.

This includes the purchase of the Exotic assets, tokenization and listing on the platform, maintenance, storage

and insurance, administration and de-registration.

Cryptocurrency prices are generally volatile. With BitCar, the platform allows users to move cryptocurrency

into hard assets backed by a tokenized Exotic car. It provides a relatively safe haven against the volatility of

crypto markets.

Direct ownership of a n Exotic for trading has not been possible until now. BitCar opens up a whole new asset

class for the first time. BITCAR token value is not manipulated by banks or other forces. BITCAR transactions

are transparent on the Ethereum Blockchain and pricing follows supply and demand.

The design of the BitCar Ecosystem is based on real usage of the token within the platform. BITCAR tokens

allow users to own, trade and service Exotics on the platform.

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