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ClearCoin is the blockchain ad platform empowering the spread of ideas. WIth $3 billion of ICO fundraising in

2017, the stage has been set for the distributed web of tomorrow. Decentralized applications and platforms

drastically change the way business has been done and how value is created, distributed, and stored.

Blockchain solved the double spending problem for digital currency and blockchain can solve a similar problem

in the $563 billion advertising market. Digital advertising is a dominant force of equity value creation in the

21st century. Stalwart technology companies Google & Facebook make up $106 billion of advertising revenue

by themselves. Industry leaders predict $16 billion of digital advertising fraud in 2017. This ad fraud problem

is similar to the double spending problem for digital currency. Blockchain solved the double spending problem

by keeping a publicly scannable ledger of transactions. Blockchain will help the advertising industry by keeping

a publicly scannable ledger of advertising inventory delivered to publishers.

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  • Darth43Vader2018-04-07

    Relatively recently, I started successfully and diligently getting acquainted in detail with the blocking, crypto currency. I immediately wanted to create my own crypto currency, but it turned out to be very difficult. So much is needed, and it is purely physically impossible to do all this alone. Moreover, in our time there are so many various crypto-currencies that it makes no sense to make their own currency, as it will not break into the leaders, but will remain low, even if I give out tokens for free. Therefore, it was decided to make the right and most correct decision to invest in some tried and tested currency, although this is only my opinion, but I invested in Verifier. Now it remains to wait for entry to the market, and everything will be super.

  • diemphuc2018-02-03

    Thanks you!


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