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CEEK allows artists and content creators to stream their productions in Virtual Reality (VR) for anyone with a

VR headset for mobile to enjoy. With partnerships such as Universal Music, Apple and T-Mobile, CEEK extends

the reach of sold-out shows to the entire world. Using a tool called Celebrity Coin Mint, artists can create their

own custom minted coins that act as tickets for shows, and get access to untapped revenue streams. In this

way, artists can sell unlimited virtual tickets and digital merchandise verified on the blockchain that can be

traded within CEEK’s ecosystem: CEEK City. CEEK counts with several venues that will feature different VR

entertainment productions such as live music events, sports events, VR movies and more.

CEEK creates value by offering an untapped revenue stream with VR tickets for artists, and for fans the ability

to enjoy their favorite artists’ live events from the comfort of their home. CEEK differentiates itself from

competitors by being the only one targeting specifically the live event industry and having major partnerships

within it, as well as having its own VR headset and award-winning platform.

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