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Conn3x strives to be the leading company in the marketplace thanks to latest blockchain technology and

the usage of AI module, similar to Siri (Apple) or Alexa (Amazon).

We analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the already existing providers and are firmly convinced that

we can op mize the search and payment processes with the possibilities available to us.

Our platform Conn3x consists of two parts:
The decentralized payment unit 'Conn3x Coin' and its associate
User database, which is based on the X11 algorithm and supports smart contract

Companies and applicants can save and manage their profiles, and also adjust their privacy settings in the

user interface.

Therefore, it is individual as anonymous as you as a user want it to.

Videos about Conn3X:
Conn3x platform:
Artificial intelligence:
Reward pool:

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Project review

Latest comments

  • DjonSena2018-04-18

    What to tell you, I have in my possession several dozen tokens verifier. They warm my soul to me, while they are worth a price for 1 token 10 bucks, but when I go to the stock exchange I do not know what will happen then. I've been writing this comment for now, I'm sure many of it will say after the word verifier that this is a paid comment, but I'm afraid that it's far from wrong to upset you, they do not pay me for it. This is just my opinion, so connect and buy tokens verifier. And do not think to pay off or not pay off, the project is good, so you can connect to it, I would like to buy a couple of tens of thousands of these tokens, but my financial situation does not allow such an opportunity.

  • Darth43Vader2018-04-18

    That's interesting, does anyone with the verifier company read my comments? Although it is unlikely that anyone is interested, I'm an ordinary person, below average income, I'm trying to somehow get through. So I got to know verifier and many other projects, and I lost a lot of time, for which I am most upset. After all, time has lost, but in return nothing has received.


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