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There are hundreds of cryptocurrencies traded worldwide with multi-billion USD market capitalization. Still,

most of this enormous value is currently “non-bankable” unless it is converted to fiat, which potentially

creates a loss for the entire economy. The crypto economy is not connected to the real, daily financial

and economic world. 

For regular and sustainable “bankable” usage of the large crypto-capitalization integrated platforms are

required, that support the easy, transparent and lawful usage of cryptotokens. Mosaics of a crypto

economy are already in place, but these are yet to be patched and glued together in a coherent system. 

Filling this gap, the Korona’s Ecosystem provides complete integrated bankable service packages that shall

be provided jointly for both private and business customers. Users shall be provided with easy-to-use,

transparent and licensed platforms that fulfill their complex needs: including among others wallet

management, fast and low-cost payment technology, as well as fiat exchange. Additionally, Korona will

provide its users supporting services such as taxation information support, client protection, commercial

guarantees, as well as marketing and market access support. The platform shall also provide marketable

goods and services for purchases either online, or in actual stores. Finally, Korona shall provide valuable

financial benefits in form of cost and price reductions, but also in the form of reward tokens. 

These features shall make Korona tokens widely accepted and valuable. A new and far reaching token

economy will be established, once local and regional trade and sales activities can be supported. 

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