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BARTVault Summary

Blockchain Art Toujours is an online ‘Vault’ for Asset provenance. The BARTVault platform will make the

buying and selling of expert verified art a truly ‘frictionless’ process. All information about the art will be

available online and accessible via desktop, pda’s, laptops, mobile application where all relevant details

(artist, condition of asset, location, ownership/purchase history, previous exhibitions, critical evaluations,

and so on) will be available.

The Platform will allow anyone who is in the market for a painting, sculpture,   photographs and designs

etc. to use one click to find all the pertinent information – the copyright owner, property rights, current

location, and the controlling gallery. Vital Information will be kept on an Ethereum blockchain, specially

designed to maintain the integrity of the information. The Platform will eliminate the risk of posed by

dishonest dealers who tamper with and alter information. BARTVault will contribute towards establishing

a new, completely transparent market that will attract a new generation of investors to own and collect

art from artists all over the world.

The debut of ARISTON (Symbol ‘ARTZ’), the Blockchain Art Token on the BARTVault Platform will herald

a new era of dynamic growth in the art market. Our project will become the main platform for dealers,

galleries, and buyers who want to guarantee the safety and authenticity of their art.

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