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Play IDMoney, Win and Help! The IDMoney Game App is our vehicle to create a new governance social, public

and global model. Additionally with our blockchain wallet we integrate crypto and self–sovereign virtual

personality to enhance local development and citizens’ empowerment. Uniquely, this model of game app and

wallet will be social, public and global: public because local governments will implement and own all results;

social because local governments will use these results for socio-economic development and citizens’

empowerment, giving everyone the chance to create wealth for themselves, while 20% of crypto tokens’ value

will reach directly people in poverty; global because people from across the world will collaborate to build

IDMoney, setting the base for a global government community and decentralized multi-government crypto.

Token white-listing  start date and time(UTC - 6) 1 May 2018   16:00 
Token white-listing end date and time (UTC -6 )  31 May 2018   16:00 
Token pre-sale start date and time(UTC - 6) 1 June 2018   16:00 
Token pre-sale end date and time (UTC -6 )  30 June 2018   16:00 
Token sale start date and time(UTC - 6) 1 July  2018   16:00
Token sale end date and time (UTC -6 )  31 August 2018   16:00

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