We focus on pre-ICO projects and teams. We will give the best resources to help the project grow.

We provide:
All marketing resources.(Banner/listing/twitter/Community promotion/Funds)

I. If you have a project in need of help, please send us the following content.
1.What is the name of your project?
2.Please provide the official website (URL) of your project.
3.What is your vision and motivation for doing this project?
4.What is the problem that this project is trying to solve?
5.Please provide a brief introduction of the founding team.
6.Where is the team based?
7.How big is the team? (Full-time employees)
8.What is your target valuation? (You can provide a range)
9.What are some other investors committed to the project so far?
10.What can we get from your project?

II. If you are an investor and wish to join our fund, please send us the following content.
1.What is your nationality?
2.What is the most successful project you have ever invested in?
3.What can you contribute to the foundation?

4.How much ETH/BTC/EOS do you want to invest in our foundation?

The advantages of our foundatio
Lower investment discount
80% of Project Investment Profit
Dividends are paid once every four months.

All investors will receive ICOLISTCOIN as future dividend voucher.

ICOLISTCOIN Introduction

Total supply:1,000,000

Application:Dividend certificate Profit distribution based on ICOLISTCOIN held

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